Why Facebook Boost Posts Are Terrible For Promoting Your Music

I am not talking about that awesome new guitar pedal you simply purchased… rather I’m speaking about Facebook boost articles.

I am aware that Facebook boost articles are popular along with a lot of musicians are using them but they are actually not the ideal way for you to promote your music.

Along with your really wasting your money and not getting everything that you pay for.

There’s 2 reasons why you want to use a Facebook advertisement to promote your music.

The first is obviously to get yourself in front of as many people as you can.

You also need to start producing your own customized lists inside of Facebook of individuals that are interacting with your own advertisements and could be prospective fans.

When you use an increase post you don’t get those options to make customized lists and see the in depth analytics and data.

So you’re basically spending money and only getting half of what you cover.

Even worse if you do not set up custom listings inside Facebook you eliminate the capacity to reach back out to folks who socialized with your ad.

So lets say you’re promoting a music video that you can’t reach back out to individuals who watched 50% or even more of your video. And these are individuals that are very likely to develop into real fans if you take time to build your relationship together.

The way to properly run Facebook ads is to create a Business Facebook account. It is totally free and requires about two minutes to install. Then it is possible to create you advertising campaigns and advertisements inside of the Business supervisor and get access to all of the information and custom lists.

And once you have those custom lists created THEN and ONLY then will you use an increase post to reach out to those smaller groups of people. Maybe with a Facebook reside or an advertisement to advertise a new album or single.

So please! Stop wasting your hard earned cash on Facebook boost posts. Proceed up a business Facebook account and take over the world! It is free, easy and if your goal is to build large, engaged fanbase, it is going to help you a lot.