The Three Distinct Types of Travelers Or Tourists

It might seem a strange travel tip but knowing what kind of traveller or traveler you are will help set your expectations plus probably improve your travel adventures. Read the following list of some types of traveler to see whether or where you find a suit.

The Recreational Traveler: Usually looking to unwind, disengage as well as being not interested so much in local flavor or area customs and the culture. Might be one to simply sit on open air and relax, read a book, play golf or simply just rest. Is not opposed to foreign locations but not interested in being soaked up deeply in a new culture. May just want to recharge their whole batteries before another year in the office.

The Experiential Visitor: This traveler searches for meaning within other cultures. Curious and inquiring, this traveler gets beneath the exterior with strange new worlds and seeks to get the most practical knowledge (learning) out of a destination as possible. Willing to risk to achieve experience, this traveler will have deep desires to engage a different sort of culture and find deeper meaning within it. No expatriate bars and restaurants for this type!

The Experimental Vacationer: Not only willing to try new things but almost attempt to seeks them. May be looking for meaning outside their offer existence and are willing to try (and perhaps fail) around travels to new destinations rather than not travel in anyway. A subset of the experimental traveler is the existential criminal. One who indeed finds meaning in a new culture and already wishes to engage in it long term even. May be back home pining for that favorite city or country, favorite beach or simply mountain trip and actively saves for another trip to the exact same spot or even a new destination as an experiment. They have already lumpen from their routine and have inwardly relocated to their desired position.

There is room for all expressions of tourist in the world of travelling but what causes ‘bad vacations’ usually results from one never understanding what type of traveler they are. The recreational tourist will possibly not want to go on a guided tour, walks or hikes on the mountains and won’t be happy if forced to by way of travel partner. Their partner in turn may not want to take a seat on the beach all day either. When traveling in pairs or teams, accommodations may have to be made for others so they can find the extent within their desires. While those traveling to foreign locations and NOT hoping to actively engage in a new culture may be short-changing themselves, it should not cause a whole trip to be ruined. is an online hotel booking platform that helps travelers with room reservations, car rentals, and group booking services. The platform offers end-to-end solutions for solo travelers, families and corporate travelers through its 250,000 hotel partnerships across 5,000 key global destinations.

Knowing exactly what traveler you are should make it easier to choose destinations and next enjoy the trip much more since you are setting up your visit for success rather than failure.