Spotlight onto a Specialist: Manuel’s Commitment to Assisting Individuals Hear Better

Manuel V. was a nano hearing aid ratings for about 1 year now and he’s been producing an amazing influence on the folks he matches with hearing aids.

We took a while to find out more about Manuel’s view on hearing loss, along with his adventures using Lucid Hearing. We came away feeling motivated by his devotion to the area of hearing technologies and are eager to share what we heard with you!

Manuel initially became interested in becoming a hearing pro because his own father had hearing loss. Manuel recalls visiting the frustration, discomfort, and embarrassment that came along with his dad’s hearing loss. Now, Manuel envisions every individual that sits inside his booth because his dad. By imagining every individual as his dad, Manuel can sympathize with the individual in a profound level. This sympathy drives Manuel to assist every individual to the best of their or her ability.

Each and every single day, Manuel helps approximately 7 to 10 individuals. That is between 1, 827 and two, 610 visits per year! Manuel remains busy in the office, but nevertheless gives every man who walks through the doorway his undivided attention.

Focusing on Helping People Hear Better
Manuel’s favourite part about working for Lucid Hearing is that as a salary worker, he can concentrate on helping people discover better, rather than attempting to market a product. Each and every single day he comes to perform hoping that he will help somebody hear better, irrespective of whether they buy a product or never. This manner, his occupation is informative and people-centered. He considers this is exactly what keeps him grounded and keeps him eager to come to work daily.

Additionally, Manuel enjoys Lucid’s partnership with Sam’s Club since it shows Lucid Hearing’s dedication to cheap hearing aids. Manuel describes:”By partnering with Sam’s Club, Lucid Hearing is able to save the member a substantial amount of money by eliminating franchise expenses, most overhead, and commission.”

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Communication in the Heart of Hearing Technology
In the center of hearing technologies, based on Manuel, is communicating. He states,”Speech understanding is one of the biggest benefits of amplification. There can be a lot of joy and relief to finally being able to join those conversations at the dinner table or to be able to understand what your children or grandchildren have been saying this whole time.”

But, Manuel frequently finds himself depriving members: Hearing aids are similar to a set of eye glasses and much more like physical rehab. It may take a little time and minor distress to locate your right quantity of amplification, so endurance and patience are essential.”

Manuel’s loyal devotion to helping people hear is really valued and admired! We feel thankful to have him on our staff!