Gender-fluid fashion- A new trend

Every individual has a unique style. In today’s world, we call that Fashion. When people start liking a particular style and adapting it, that becomes a trend. This is how the fashion world works from day to day.

A new word that has become popular recently in the fashion world is Gender-fluid fashion. It may sound like an offensive word and people are likely to assume that it means something like cross-dressing. However, that is not what Gender-fluid fashion is about.

Fashion Dressing

Shahid Kapoor, an Indian actor who runs his own gender-fluid brand Skult describes this new trending fashion appropriately.

‘Clothes don’t always need to fall into the category of male or female. Functionality and movement are more relevant to men and women’. So its more about wearing what you are comfortable in rather than dressing in gender-defined clothes.

Women have adopted, jeans T-shirts and trousers long ago, but what is this about when it comes to menswear?

The truth is a lot of stereotypes have been broken in men’s clothing as well today and fashion markers have gone bold with the way they treat men’s wear.

Let’s take a look at some of the unconventional entries into the men’s world

1- Bright colors

Men have started to adopt bright colors and patterns. While cultural dresses have often been colorful, having such colors on shirts and patch patterns are a new introduction.

2- Drapes and flow

Shirts with drapes and flows were very uncommon and considered feminine earlier. That has changed now as drapes and flows made their way into men’s wear.

3- Embroidery

Embroideries too were very restricted to women’s clothing but that’s a thing of the past now. Menswear whether T-shirts, shirts or kurtas all are now featured in bold embroidery

4- Distorted Hemlines

Earlier, menswear was characterized by symmetrical and aligned hemlines. Now the tren is more towards hemlines that are asymmetrical and unruly in essence.

5- Size

The concept of wearing fitting dresses has also changed. As long as a size makes you comfortable and leaves you feeling great, that’s your fluid fashion.

The fashion is women’s world is distinctly different from that of men. Perhaps the gender-fluid fashion will help reduce that gap a little and make the line that separates men and women’s fashion a little less distinct than before.