Composite Decking: A Wise Choice For Your New Deck

These days more and more homeowners pick composite as the material of choice for his or her new deck or deck renovation project. If you are planning for you to refurbish an existing deck made from lumber, it is high time you select a more environment friendly and low maintenance material. What is composite decking? This is really a combination of plastic and wood fiber which is used to create cedar planks. The end product of these combined materials offers low servicing with longer life span compared with wood decking.

If you want a family members friendly deck material which is safe for kid’s uncovered feet, composite should be your choice. Splintering is often not a problem along with Composite Solutions by Ecoscape UK. This is because of the smooth surface each cedar plank offers. A lot of composites used in decks are made from recycled components. This is especially important considering the growing concern to save mother earth.

The cruel and changeable weather are challenges which many homeowners encounter specifically when it comes to keeping the integrity of their home’s outdoor constructions including decks. However , with composite decking you can expect lengthier lifespan, better resistance against the elements of nature, and reduced maintenance cost. Unlike wood decking, this only needs occasional cleaning therefore saving you time, money, and power.

There are two types of composite decking to choose from. These are the actual hollow and solid composites. If you want the feel and look associated with real wood, you might want to opt for the solid type. Because of the higher mass which comes with solid decking, expect to see a number of contraction and expansion of the product whenever there are within temperature. The other type looks more like man-made. Unlike strong decking the hollow type doesn’t react much to help temperature changes because of the less amount of mass in every planks. Because hollow decking is less dense you will encounter greater likelihood of damage during installation. That is why extra care should be provided when installing hollow type of decking.

All types of composite decking require treatment. Although this type of decking is a combination of wooden fibers and plastic, decaying is still inevitable if absolutely no treatment is provided. Preservatives and anti-fungal chemical are used to reduce the rotting of materials. Moisture causes the speed of the rotting process. Without treatment you can expect the rotting that will speed up and can cause serious damage problems